Elemental TEC01a: Teensy 2.0 relay and I2C peripheral board with RTC


8 channel 5A relay board with RTC, RS232C serial, and I2C support for Teensy 2.0 Arduino-compatible. As pictured: Teensy and battery not included. Very limited quantity.

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An unused PCB originally designed for use in the Elemental TEC01a greenhouse controller prototypes. As pictured: Teensy and battery not included. Cost of individual components is roughly $50. Extremely limited quantity remaining.



  • Socketed for Teensy 2.0 from PJRC (Teensy not included)
  • (8) onboard Omron GST-1A relays with contacts rated at 5A each
  • TD62083 driver for relays
  • DS1307 RTC with 32.768KHz crystal and clip for CR1220 back-up battery (battery not included)
  • RJ12 RS232C port with MAX232CPE interface driver
  • Separate power lines for logic and relay-switched allows relays to control different polarity and/or voltage


  • X1: 5VDC logic power supply
  • X2: relay output power supply
  • X3: relay switched lines, right side
  • X4: relay switched lines, left side
  • X6: I2C peripherals (originally used for temperature and CO2 sensors)
  • J3: digital peripherals (4)

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Dimensions 3.05 × 4.00 × 0.75 in