Keythulu keychain multitool key for electrical enclosures and control cabinets


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Keythulu is an electrical enclosure and control cabinet multitool. Select from 0.074 inch thick greywash stainless steel, 0.060 inch thick smooth stainless steel, or now 0.063 inch thick greywash titanium! The prongs fit the common standard “double-bit” style control cabinets, many 1/4-turn semi-flush latches, and larger clamp latches. It also has a tapered screwdriver tip that fits disconnect handles, smaller clamp latches, and is long enough to engage most external overload plungers. Don’t burden yourself with a bulky double-bit key! Conveniently keychain size but also designed to allow torque for stubborn locks and latches.


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0.074 in. thick greywash 304 stainless steel, 0.060 in. thick natural smooth 304 stainless steel, 0.063 in. thick greywash titanium