Why reinvent the wheel?

Please bear with me as I reset and rebuild.

I have had change in vision and direction and am beginning the process of implementing the new road map. Hopefully there will be interesting and meaningful things afoot soon. You can follow along in realtime through the standard online outlets:

There’s a little story behind the “Why reinvent the wheel?” tagline.

Years ago – back in the Palm and ICQ days – a guy in my home town that was just starting out with programming used to message me a lot with questions. We ended up becoming good friends, but have much different philosophies. One day he was badgering me about something I was working on, doing the “why not do it this way?” routine. Each suggestion he gave I had a reason why I had already dismissed that route. Finally he suggested I look through existing libraries that perform similar functions and I dismissed that idea as well. In frustration he asked me “Why reinvent the wheel???” The actual answer I gave was “Because my wheel will be rounder and kick all the other wheels’ ass.” (which it was and it did.)

Not only does this tagline reflect a lot of my own personal philosophy, but the “0x11 anniversary” graphic also represents the changing path that I’m looking at. Why reinvent Ophelion? To make it better by better reflecting where I have made improvements in myself and my skill set. Toward this end it won’t be as purely mechatronic and definitely not as quiet down the road. The posts will still be sparse to non-existent for awhile until I get the introductory project done, but hopefully when it happens it’ll be worth it!